Tierra Nueva Mural,  Troy Terpstra

Tierra Nueva Mural, Troy Terpstra

Tierra Nueva Europe gathers, encourages and further equips those serving in marginalised communities around the UK and Europe.

Students and team share what the CTMM is about and why they think it is important.

Our main way of doing this is through the Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins, which is a 6 - 9 month training for those ministering at the 'margins', or desiring to do so.  You'll find more information here.

We are hoping to run further certificate training in the UK.  For information you will find details of the 2018/19 course here. Please contact us if you are interested in applying for future courses.

CTMMs are now being delivered in a number of countries around the world (Kenya, Tanzania, New Zealand, South Korea...).  By taking part you connect with a loose community of practitioners, united by their conviction that Society's margins are at the very centre of God's plans.

'We need to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in service of communication of the Word that is rooted in the Street-level realities of the poor, marginalised and disenfranchised'

We seek to combine Word, Spirit and Street perspectives in all of our training; three perspectives that should never have been separated.