Tierra Nueva Europe is based in East London and is made up of a team of four Trustees and three part-time staff.  The Trustees are Mandy Hill (Chair), Mark Bishop (Missional Communities, London), Martin Gage, and Andy Flannagan (Christian's in Politics).  The Director is Vanessa Chamberlin.  We work in close partnership with Bob & Gracie Ekblad and the Tierra Nueva, US, team, as well as key friends and partners around the UK and Europe.

TNE was established in 2014 as a means to support and share Tierra Nueva's 35 years of ministry and reflection in ways that are relevant for European contexts.  We gather, encourage, equip and send out practitioners serving (or desiring to serve) on the margins of society.  We also provide a means for people to financially support the work of Tierra Nueva in the US and Honduras.

We agree with all the core values of Tierra Nueva, US, and particularly own the first and fifth values of 'hosting the presence of God' and 'bridging divergent worlds on behalf of society's least'.

Hospitality: We consciously host each other and, hopefully, the presence of God, in all we do.  Feasting together (on good food and teaching) is central to our trainings and events.  We believe that authentic presence and rich relationship are the building materials of the Kingdom of God. 

Bridging diverse worlds: We believe there is an urgent invitation for the different parts of the Body of Christ to become reconciled to each other.  We agree with Tierra Nueva, that it takes a whole body of Christ to see breakthrough in the most extreme places, and this requires us to be teachable.  Our trainings host both 'charismatic/evangelical' and 'social justice/pacifist' streams of teaching and practice (or 'charismatic prophetic' and social prophetic') with the desire of drawing together parts that never should have been separated.