'It was just great learning under the excellent teaching of Bob & Gracie and being with like minded people with a heart for the marginalised.  Thank you so much for making this year a truly memorable experience and one that I will look back on as a pivotal time in my life and ministry!' (Rob Hooks, London City Mission)

'It is a breath of fresh air to meet such committed and passionate disciples eager to share the Father's love to a hurt and wounded world'.

'The course prepares you for mission, to become a do-er of the word and not just a hearer.  It gives a sense of community and unity of purpose to fulfil God's Kingdom call with others who are willing to take up their cross.  The content is active, alive and brings liberation and the knowledge of God's unending grace.  I liked becoming more skilled at reading the Bible, seeing the characters as people going about their daily lives and life not always going to plan.  This course brought the Gospel in to the present day.  I found I could apply the teaching in to situations I was facing and also to share study techniques and insights with others'. (Janice Gittens, Manager, Therapeutic Coach, London)

'The course material took me on my own transformational adventure as I explored the word of God amongst others who are passionate about mission.' (Ryan Lynch, Marginalised Adult Worker, Good Shepherd Mission, London)

'I found the training to be very helpful and relevant to my immediate ministry context.  The Certificate offers a unique combination of social prophetic, word/teaching, and Holy Spirit anointing which I find to be rare.  It is facilitating an informal network of practitioners.' (Darren Prince, Director, InnerChange)

'I would recommend this training because of the strong biblical basis and the practical application which is always in focus'. (Liz Mills, Community Church, Tamworth)

'I loved the linkage between biblical theory, biblical practice, actual contemporary practice and contemporary reflection...the linking of different converging streams in the Body of Christ and street and jail perspectives.  The Certificate was transformational personally, in terms of inner healing, learning about wider areas of life, and where theology, practice/ministry and the street collide.  I appreciated learning from each other, learning together, sharing stories, praying for each other, eating and laughing together...forming a supportive learning community.  I thought Bob's teaching and explanation from the Bible about the powers was revolutionary and made sense of so much New Testament teaching which had never sat properly with me.  This is a shared transformational journey'. (James Luckhoo, Acton Vale Missional Community, London)

'I feel I have learnt so much about the Bible and about myself and God...over the last year I have learnt how to better work/pray and share with people on the margins...overall the course has been a life changing experience for me...keep up the good work!' (Catherine Clayden, Marginalised Adult Worker, Good Shepherd Mission, London)

'It was a privilege to journey on the Tierra Nueva training with Bob & Gracie Ekblad's generous leading, and journey with a broad community of Christians seeking to deepen and empower their ministry with those at the margins...it is opening up a whole new world of ministry possibilities'. (Marcus Robinson, Lighting Designer & Street Pastor, London)

'Through this training God has re-emphasised His unwavering love for the marginalised'. (Prison Chaplain)

'Through this training I have felt like I have learnt more tools with which to read scripture differently and help others look at the Bible through different lenses'. (Ben Lilford, Missional Community, Bristol)