'Theological education that connects people from the mainstream with people on the margins reveals a gospel that is active and powerful, enabling both groups to serve together as Christ's body in the world.'

- Bob Ekblad, Co-Founder, Tierra Nueva

The Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins is designed for those serving and pioneering work in poor and marginalised communities.  It brings together ‘word’, ‘spirit’ and ‘street’ perspectives in order to encourage and further equip practitioners wanting to live and share a liberating gospel with those excluded from the mainstreams of society.  

It has grown out of Bob & Gracie Ekblad's years of ministry and reflection since founding Tierra Nueva in 1982.  It is hosted in partnership with The People's Seminary, a learning centre seeking to equip workers to discover the good news of the gospel with their excluded brothers and sisters, and to raise up leaders from marginalised contexts.


'This course will tool you up for taking on the visible ‘powers that be’ in the world’s systems and structures, and the invisible ones within ourselves, and others, which hold us back from full liberation’   

- Andy Flannagan, Co-Director, Christians in Politics

The training consists of four strands, woven together over the course of 9 months (approx), through 3 times of gathering (three days each) and fortnightly distance learning. 

1. God’s Identity and Mission (and ours)

2. Healing & Holistic Liberation: Biblical foundations and practices

3. The Place of Advocacy, Justice & Peace-Making in Mission

4. Word on the Street: preparing & leading transformational bible studies

You'll find more details about the content and format of the CTMM here.

We believe there is an urgent invitation for the different parts of the Body of Christ to become reconciled to each other.  It takes a whole body of Christ to see breakthrough in the most extreme places, and this requires us to be teachable. 

Our trainings host both 'charismatic/evangelical' and 'social justice/pacifist' streams of teaching and practice (or 'charismatic prophetic' and social prophetic') with the desire to draw together parts that never should have been separated.


'The Certificate offers a unique combination of social prophetic, word/teaching, and Holy Spirit anointing.  It is a holistic, integrated approach.'

- Darren Prince, Director, InnerChange

Each of the 3 gatherings involves teaching, worship, practical reflection, ministry times and group discussion.  We eat together each day and place a strong emphasis on building relationships and sharing learning.  

There will be around 20-25 students from the host city and further afield, many of whom have a significant amount of experience ministering at the margins (they may be from those contexts). 

Participants need to attend all three gatherings, journeying together as a learning community for the full 9 months.  Each student has access to an online forum where distance learning is uploaded fortnightly and where they can share learning with their peers.  For the 2018 CTMMS there will also be a Saturday 'meet-up' between gatherings 1 and 2 for groups to meet locally to explore the relevance of their learning to their own context.


'The Ekblads understand that you can't make the outward journey of ministry without the inward journey of personal transformation.  I recommend this training to anyone wanting to be more effective in helping others'

- Lin Button, Founder, Healing Prayer School

Gathering 2 is residential.  Groups meet together in a hotel near Bradford to focus on the 'Healing & Holistic Liberation' strand of the training.  The team is joined by Lin Button and Gilles Boucomont and there is time for personal ministry, as well as teaching and fellowship.  Gatherings 1 and 2 are in the host cities.

This is a non­‐assessed training, but we require participants to write a short reflection (or make a 3 minute recording) on how the training has impacted their practice. There is recommended reading before each gathering. 

The Certificate is endorsed by Westminster Theological Centre, an inter-denominational college integrating theological depth and life in the Spirit, where Bob Ekblad has been a faculty member since 2008, teaching on mission and the 'social prophetic'.

‘Westminster Theological Centre is pleased to endorse the Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins and other training courses led by Bob and Gracie Ekblad.’

- Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre



You will find details about upcoming trainings here, including cost and dates.  You can read student testimonies here. You'll find details about the content & format of the CTMM here, including schedules and required reading.  You can learn more about the teaching team here.  And you can apply for the training here.