Our Values


Our priority from the start has been to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit as we build and develop this work, in the knowledge that 'unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers work in vain' (psalm 127).  Prayer is always our starting point, and from this place some core values (or concepts) have emerged that continue to shape and guide us.

TNE Values.jpg

The Feast: we consider all of our training opportunities as an invitation to feast together; on stories, theological reflection, friendship, ministry, bible studies, worship and nutritious food.  Hospitality stretches beyond food and welcome to the ways we relate to and learn from one another.  We see these feasts as a dynamic way to host His presence together. 

The Aircraft Carrier: we see TNE as being like an aircraft carrier.  Initially sent out from Tierra Nueva in the US, it is a mobile operations base; a re-fuelling vessel that travels from place to place, staying just long enough for jets (ministry workers) to land for a while and take off again.  Whilst on board they can recover, be restored, re-envisioned and brought in to community with other jets (practitioners) before being sent out again with renewed courage. 

The Watering Hole: we easily become parched when living and/or serving in complex, isolated areas.  At all of our gatherings we intentionally drink deeply from the cool, refreshing water of the Holy Spirit.  We desire our gatherings to be like watering holes for pilgrim workers, where animals (ministry workers) are drawn from all directions to come and drink together.  In these 'liminal' spaces,  unusual Kingdom conversations and connections can happen.

Trustees & Team

The Tierra Nueva Europe trustees are: Mandy Hill (Chair), Martin Gage (Treasurer), Andy Flannagan, Janice Gittens, Mark Bishop and Vanessa Chamberlin.  Martin is also currently acting Director of TNE, in a voluntary capacity, and is supported by an administrator.

All the trustees have gone through the CTMM, or earlier versions of it, are themselves either living and serving in marginalised contexts, or have a history of doing so (in the prison system, through advocacy and politics, missional communities on estates, working with Christian ministries etc).

They work closely (and in deep friendship) with the Ekblads and work with a Steering Group, made up of former CTMM students, to develop training.